Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do, the shipping charges my be higher for international shipping and take up to 7 business days longer to send the artwork. Refer to the Shipping & Returns page for details.

Do you provide offers and promotions to your customers?

Yes! Subscribe to join the mailing list to recieve exclusive content, updates, and offers. This can range from promotions like, discounts, free shipping, or even free downloads. Click HERE to Subscribe!

How can I commission an artwork?

I am happy to paint anything you'd you. You can contact by email at for any details on the work you would like done. Custom Artwork progress: 1. I require 50% of the total charges of the piece upfront. 2. We will work together going back and forth to create a preliminary drawing to be sure you are getting what you want. 3. Once pleased with the design, I move into painting the piece. 4. You will be regularly be updated on the progress of the piece. 5. Once completed the remaining charges for the artwork will be due including any shipping charges if there are any. for a more in depth breakdown of the prosess click HERE. to view the contract to commission a piece click HERE

What does it mean to be a member?

As you member of The TWAdair Art Cummunity, you gain the ability to comment and like blog posts, interact and comment on post by other members of the cummunity, and have access to you order history, and can save personal information like payment methods, and shipping address. Signing up as a member will also sign you up for the mailing list, which is a monthly news letter with news and updates, and sometimes goodies like coupon codes.