Tylor W. Adair always knew he would pursue a career in art. In his early years he didn’t have a direction or know exactly what type of art to produce. 2014 (age 24) was the first year he started to really find himself in art. As a self-taught, he never never had former training, just to seek answers on his own to solve problems.

Mundane items are what interested him. The often-transparent themes in Tylor’s paintings create a bridge between the conscience reality of an object and his perceived reality. Known for his photo-like realism, he expresses form and light through imagery of objects often overlooked. His subjects range from vintage objects, rough wood textures, and glass bottles, typically in a state of post usefulness. Tylor emphasizes on space to trick the viewer’s eye giving a false sense of depth. He has plans to explore other avenues of this same emphasis to bring people into his vision and take pleasure in beauty where it is otherwise unseen.

My wife Desarae, Me, Saylor, and Lily Adair

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